a new hive…

hello and welcome to the new home of thebeekeeperswife.com!

i began dreaming up a vision for a new blog at the beginning of the year — a blog that would give resources and ideas for raising christian kids.  i had a name, plotted it out, even began developing the site — and then this summer another passion entered the picture as i was introduced to essential oils.

what a predicament the thought of running my personal blog and two other sites put me in — finally, after thinking through a lot of possibilities  – i realized  — i am – and always will be – the beekeeper’s wife.

why not stay with my first love –who i am–and add on the rest that i am passionate about —  thus, began the journey to see if i could make all my ideas cohesive and living under one umbrella.

i am happy to say that i am loving the result.  this site reflects where i’m at currently and will grow and evolve as i do.  i’m excited to continue sharing and documenting our personal story, along with additional posts focusing on raising christian bees and essential oils.

take a minutes to buzz around our new hive – and leave a comment telling us what you think!


sierra – aka the beekeepers wife


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