she reads truth

making time and being intentional about my bible study has been difficult for me since having a baby.  however, my desire for relationship with god is greater than ever as i want my daughter to see me actively connecting with the Lord, and teach her to do the same.

at the beginning of july, i came across a website that has become by favorite.  emily from jones design company, one of the blogs i follow, wrote a post about a trip to rwanda she was taking and introduced me to she reads truth.  she reads truth is a website that offers bible studies written for women by women – it is, as they say “a vast and beautiful community of women committed to growing closer to Jesus by seeking His face.” 

i have completed four bible study plans since july – ruth + hebrews -i read via email — the sermon on the mount + a study of justice – i read + used the journals.

some things i love:

— an online community i can interact with — in the summer i am all by my lonesome — it’s lovely to have the option to communicate and share about my study with others.

— inspiring — each study includes bible texts, a little devotional, and quote art (is that a thing?  a picture with a quote?)

–convenient — let’s be honest — i spend more time on my phone or in my email than i wish i did – however, in this case – i can easily read my bible study on my phone or through my email, whenever, wherever.  definite win.

— journals – buying a beautiful journal to write in is a perk in itself.  buying a beautiful journal is also added motivation to use it.

–the length — right now i’m working on spending time in bible study every day – the size and time needed for my daily devotion is manageable and doesn’t intimidate me — some days i read it quickly on my phone when i wake up – others i linger on it over my breakfast and even do an extra one.

are you excited?  are you ready to try it?


a new study starts today!

“Open Your Bible”

even more exciting news: she reads truth is offering a printable version of the Open Your Bible study journal at a “pay what you can” rate – along with offering the plan for free on the she reads truth iOS app.

check out Open Your Bible – Day 1 : here


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