just start.

i posted this little video on facebook yesterday – so some of you may have already watched it – if so it doesn’t hurt to watch it again.  good stuff.  i’ve been listening to some seminars this week and when this clip was played it really struck me – again – hearing that string of excuses – reasons – not to do something.  not to start.  to just be where i am instead of moving forward.

there are a lot of places in my life that i am stuck.  this past year, while moving forward in many ways, i have also been particularly stuck in more than a few areas – and in a couple specific places – i feel like i’ve been moving backwards.

the thing about being in a rut.  1.  you don’t have stay there.  2.  you are the only one who can bring yourself out.

i tend to like to plan.  i like to make lists.  i like to get it all figured out before i start.  i want it to work.  i want to do it the right way.  for it to be perfect.

this is not how life works.  this i know.   but i still struggle.

i want to get back to exercising 6 days a week — but maybe i only do one or two days – and then a week goes by and i’m discouraged that i didn’t get my six days in rather than celebrating that – hey – i did more than i did last week…

i want to make the perfect meal plan – but i just spent so much time planning it out that it’s past dinner time and let’s just eat mac+cheese tonight or order take out.

i stayed up too late on instagram last night and the baby woke up three times – so now i want to stay in bed as late as possible rather than getting up and having some alone time to get some things done…

there’s too many mosquitos to go outside today — —  this one was valid last week…

whatever it is – let’s just start.

even if it’s just a little – we are farther ahead than we were before.


2 thoughts on “just start.

  1. joyonmyjourney

    Just Start, thanks for the reminder. I think we can all find ourselves in that rut of wanting and needing to do certain things but for one reason of another its not happening. As I sit an look around my office, I see a few things that pop out at me, A messy desk that needs cleaned up, filed papers and organized, I see my big recipe binder that I have been working on in the past and there it sits, ( I think its been sitting there for 6 months) I see my Bible study plan called Prayer 90X that I have wanted to start and havent, I see boxes of all my Seasons of the Home decor all over my office that need sorted and promoted… So thanks for the push I need to get out of the Rut and just start.

    Hugs to you

  2. Amber Lopez

    I especially like the mosquito’s excuse. that really is a good reason… although… I hear they won’t come near you if you carry cloves with you. true story. but I can’t say I’ve ever tried it. next time.

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