around the hive

my goodness.

where did the last week go?

i had all sorts of grand expectations and plans for this week — but a lot just didn’t get done.

there was visiting family.  i have been very tired.  i was (am?) overwhelmed.

there might have been ben + jerry’s…

the tired is half mama stuff, half my own fault – jon’s been moving bees at night and i have a hard time going to sleep when i know he’s going to be coming in the door in a couple hours – this has led to a few late + productive nights of learning about essential oils, and also a few late + non productive nights of candy crush, instagram, + hulu…

the overwhelmed – it’s not a bad overwhelmed- it’s a not enough hours in the day to get all that i want done because i have a toddler kinda thing and also an overwhelming need to be able to listen and read and learn – including 6 days of video on demand seminars in the span of two weeks… very possible but also a bit tricky to schedule enough quiet time with a 24/7  one year old, company (so glad my parents came to visit!), and all that other every day stuff that needs to get done.  i’ve gotten through 2.5 days — and it’s been awesome — still processing + will be processing for awhile – more to come on that later.

side note: something i have definitely realized this summer – i have always known i love to learn – i loved school (in fact, today i drove by the community college and saw a girl carrying her textbook and going to class – i almost cried – loved college)… but i didn’t realize how much – until coming back to it the last couple months after taking a baby break/entering the SAHM world – which has involved another kind of learning.

enough on that — let’s finish with some random buzz —

— the wasps have overtaken the world — and my RV — where do they all come from?

— our house is almost done — just in time for us to leave…

— the bees are truckin’ on outta here — hooray!

— 90 degree weather at the end of september is da bomb.

— my child.  seriously my most favorite thing.  24/7 amusement park.

— tortilla soup is the best – fritos on top of tortilla soup – ridiculous – that bag of fritos — in my tummy – zero self control for salty chips.  zero.

— i’ve had my new phone for 2.5 days and haven’t turned it on or activated it yet — world record?

— changing leaves + colorful trees — my favorite

— charlotte+prairie dogs= love — see above picture.

— i’m dreaming dreaming of disneyland.

— jon is currently sporting a mustache.


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