hello october – one little word

fall is my favorite.  always.

in fact, i was telling jon this morning — i’m pretty sure october is my most favorite.

today, i’m sharing my october goals  – part of my one little word ,create, for 2014 and also the “make it public, make it happen” plan.

about september:  this month was about creating a vision for what i want the next year to look + feel like — creating the space for learning – continuing my education on essential oils+doTERRA and also personal development — creating accountability for my goals — (re)creating a consistent exercise routine — creating routines for various parts of the day.   this month i learned (or was reminded) of my preference for planning + learning over application.  i love lists.  i love lessons/research.  i have a harder time getting the stuff on the list done and applying what i’ve learned — yes – i am often getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready –instead of actually doing or changing — perfectionist much?  also, realizing that while long term planning is great – right now i do much better with daily+weekly goals and tasks.  i feel quite successful this month in several areas – 1.  creating peace – less anxiety surrounding the beginning of cold + flu season – still not my favorite thing and i know the next few month will have struggles –  (thank you God – learning to trust more every day + thank you essential oils – one more tool in my health+wellness toolbox).  2.  creating much more consistency+desire this month with exercise – i can feel that part of me re-awakening after a very long hiatus.  3. creating the groundwork for things i am passionate about — sounds simple but it took a bit of work to let go and dive in with both feet!

about october:  3 simple goals that require committed follow through.

creating happiness:  write : joining this –  31 day challenge  — first post is here

creating health: workout 2-4x a week

creating a productive hive: following the routines created in september

oh october – i’m so happy to see you!


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