hello 2015 + one little word

hello new year.  2015

hello new month.  january

hello new day.  thursday.

wait…  i feel like it should be sunday?!?  it’s ok.  thursday’s are one of my favorites

i love this time of year.  the momentum to move us forward.  the hope of a fresh start.  shiny new goals to strive for…

a brand new planner — or two.

we’ve kept our goals pretty simple around here this year – one for Jon – two for me.  simple.

one of my favorites is choosing a word for the year – “one little word”  — in the past i’ve chosen serve, thrive, create and more — this year – my word found me in november — and then i gave it a little twist this today…and we are going to see how we get along the next few weeks.

hello one little word.  spunky

yes – you read that right –

spunky: full of spirit, courage, and determination

synonyms: fearless, brave, peppy, enthusiastic, active, bold

full of spirit:  one of the reasons i love this word is because it’s fun.  i want more play and lightheartedness in my every day. i want to be passionately present in whatever i am engaged in.  to give off positive energy and joy.

full of courage:  this year i want to be fearless.  to get out of my head and be brave about the things that scare me.  to face hardship, relationship and vulnerabilty head on and maybe even have a bit of bold+daring.

full of determination: to honor my schedule and goals.  to dream big and go for it.  to move forward

my favorite the past few months has been instagram – so this year i’m joining the fun and will be using #spunkybee2015 and #journeytofearless

i’ll be joining ali edwards for her one little word class again this year — check it out and join the fun!

tell me — what’s your word or a goal for the year?


2 thoughts on “hello 2015 + one little word

  1. Felicia

    Simplicity…that’s my word, scaling back, taking an easier approach, organizing, disguarding, turning off unneeded things, slowing down…

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