january: one little word: spunky

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hello all —

we are back from vacation and finding our rhythm again.  it was good to get away and spend some time playing with my family.  i have such a love/hate relationship with January — it’s one of the hardest months of the year for me mentally – but also brings lots of fresh, crisp new starts and opportunities — lots of ideas for the blog running around in my head that i’m excited to get out.

i’ve definitely been working my word the last two weeks — spunky — determined to be brave about things that scare me and determined about new goals and thinking… along with being more spirited — more play in the day — charlotte and i had a disney music dance party in the bedroom last night — her giggles are priceless.

i had a doctor’s appointment yesterday that yielded a “that doesn’t really look scary but let’s wait and see what’s going on in a few months” — ya’ll — this girl does not do good with things that aren’t black and white — or wait and see — and health things are an ocd playground.

every day, and much more lately with all that is happening in the world, i am reminded that we only have today — and in my Bible it tells me the same thing — it’s all about today — yesterday is over – don’t know if tomorrow will come -today is the day.

if today is the day – what do i want that to look like?  what do i want that to feel like?  this year i want it to be spunky — i want every day to be the best day ever — i know it will bring all the emotions – but over all i want to concentrate on feeling love – love from God – love to others – and peace – because as much as we try to tell ourselves that bad stuff isn’t supposed to happen and struggles shouldn’t come — it’s just not true.  where is the beauty?  i want today to be beautiful even if it’s the worst and crankiest day ever.  what’s my motivation – charlotte – 10pm night time thinking yields that really what i want most out of life is teaching my sweet girl about Jesus – that God loves her, and me, and all the people in the world — that she is loved by her God and her family and called to share that love and to hopefully want to serve others and bring them some joy in their journey. what a calling you guys — the kicker is that my little one learns by my actions.  by my words.  by my life.  by the relationship i have with the Lord.  let my faith stand out more than my fears.

easy to type.

easy to live?

daily choices.

all i can control is me – my actions and my attitude (cliche but too true)

no good living to a hundred if i didn’t have a good time getting there.

show me the beauty in your day – #everydayisbeeautiful

(i’ve rarely used hashtags before but i guess i’m making up for it– must be my year of the hashtag…)


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