movement monday: the balanced life

hello monday!

today i’m beginning a five part series that will encourage us to move our body more during the day.  if you’ve been following me the last year you know that i have been struggling to get back to exercising after pregnancy and baby — i thought my solid 6 day a week pre-baby workout schedule would make it easy to stay consistent after having a child– but i’ve found my motivation and commitment to be terribly lacking.  previously, almost all of my workouts were outside of my home – taking classes or on my own at a gym, a lot of running and garage gym workouts with my best friend.  after having charlotte, i found that exercise was not my first priority for how to spend my free minutes – even though i was well aware of how good it was for me and that just 5-10 minutes makes all the difference.  frustrated because i wanted to exercise as i had pre-baby -go to the gym and exercise a certain way- i’d put off exercising at home because “i was going to start going to the gym” and even better “get up in the morning and exercise before the baby wakes”— right…  for myself, these have not been working.  i love to sleep and i don’t get as much as i need these days – i have zero motivation for sleeping less than what i am able.  also.  the majority of the time – going to the gym requires a babysitter.  last spring, i did hire one twice a week so i could find some momentum with exercise again and make it a priority– it worked pretty well and during the summer i did much better at taking time to workout with or without charlotte around.  this fall, i’ve gotten a lot smarter and more intentional about fitting movement into my day and what that looks like .  right now, it doesn’t happen outside my home – so i’ve asked myself what do i enjoy that i can do inside my house and with a toddler running around, or during nap time and what are my resources.

in a society where body image is front and center, we easily forget that a hot  fit body is not always the best goal -though let’s be honest – i’m happy to have one – but would rather see it as a nice byproduct of the goal of having a healthy, movement oriented lifestyle that i’m living and also teaching to my child.  i say movement, because the words “exercise” and “workout” don’t always have the best connotations for the day or lead to expectations that might bring feelings of discouragement.

for the next month let’s move more.  take the stairs.  dance to your favorite song.  do 25 push ups.  walk the dog.  do squats during a commercial or while brushing your teeth.

today, i’d like to introduce you to Robin and The Balance Life Online.  this has been one of my favorite websites since finding her this summer.  Robin offers a lot of awesome free pilates workouts on her youtube channel (she has at least 3 different workout series available) and just started a great subscription program called The Balanced Life Sisterhood for $9 a month.  i encourage you to check her out and one of her videos – and if you are new to pilates, she has a great Pilates for Beginners series.


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