little bit of sunshine

this week i have been battling the blahs.  it’s been foggy and cold.  my sweet child, daily, thinks “let’s put on your coat” to means run the other way screaming and begin a battle of wills thus making a 30 second process turn into 15 minutes – the patience wanes.  staying up too late.  and – possibly the real problem – no pancakes so far this week — we had them almost every day last week…

i’ve been incredibly grateful for the wonderful people who are in my life — there has been lots of support and love the last couple weeks as i’ve dealt with a few less fun things —  and several really bright spots – delicious chocolates sent for happy mail.  check in texts+walks from a dear friend.  a surprise bag of goodies for charlotte and i found on the doorstep.  a fabulous and caring father in law who took my car in for an oil change, washed it and brought it back with a full tank of gas.  and grandma+nana who entertain and watch my little one with so much love that she goes to sleep asking for them by name over- and over- and over again.

so many good things.  it’s the little things.  the little things that we do for others that help make the world go round and the sun shine bright on a cloudy day —

my sweet friend, sarah, and her husband, richard want to help the sun shine bright for some littles in Uganda by building an orphanage over spring break.  if you would like to help them fund their trip you can find their fundraiser here:


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