busy bees board: february

happy friday!

not just any friday either — friday, the 13th and – the friday before valentines day — that anticipated or not so anticipated day in the middle of Love Month…

i hope you’ve been enjoying the first half of this month — it’s one of my favorites – and not because of chocolate and hearts or my new addiction to the hallmark channel — but because it’s a time to be more intentional about showing and telling those around me that i LOVE them.  you’d think they’d already know that, but everyone needs a lil extra love — to be told how awesome they are and that they are appreciated!

a few months after charlotte was born, i spent many a feeding session thinking about various things i wanted to teach this little bee — about God and to love and serve others –also, what i wanted for our family time together– what those activities looked like and what i would need… then came the little thought of it’s one more thing to think about.  one more thing to do.  one more thing to prepare (since birthing a child i am now a #1 consumer of things pre-prepped and delivered to my door…)  — however, instead of that sounding daunting – it sounded exciting + would use some dormant pre-baby skills along with current ones.  after many brainstorm sessions and a lot of procrastination, i’ve finally gotten the ball rolling on a little project that i have a lot of vision for — something that i’m starting this month in it’s un-perfect, in-process state, but that i’m still happy about and find valuable for myself — and share as it may be helpful for you too.

say hello to Busy Bee Board’s  — a monthly collection of a few quick, simple ideas and inspirations that you can do with your littles (or on your own)  – spending time together, building character + community, and learning about God.

february: love month –

1. the good samaritan – read the story + talk about how we can show love to those around us – read+color this little printable book – bigger bees memorize the bible verse for double the fun.  looking for more activities and resources for all ages check out this good samaritan pinterest board and also find a few more activities and little videos here

2. happy mail: create cards to give – use computer paper, crayons and scissors or pick up some blank cards and stickers from the dollar bin.  decorate with love + give away

3. make + take soup:  use what you have in your fridge with this quick soup recipe – be happy you aren’t sick and help someone out who is by taking them a nice jar of delicious soup – other ideas are your next door neighbor, the family with the new baby, grandma + grandpa, or the poor college student studying for finals and living off of taco bell.  little bees can wash vegetables and put the chopped ones in the pot, stir the soup, bless with love, create a gift tag or other tasks you deem them able – also make the cutest delivery helpers.

4.  family game night: print+cut out this adorable heart dominos game – pop some popcorn and spend some time together!

leave a comment + tell me what you think of this month’s busy bee board!


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