movement monday: simply sadie jane


my word, i woke up to the sun shining in my window and it has continued to shine!  love it.

how is the moving going?

for myself, i’d say i’m making it– but definitely have set a goal to amp it up this coming week — we have spent a lot of time in the car recently traveling to and from — which, happily have included rest stop mini movement sessions for the win – especially with an antsy toddler.

this week i’d like to introduce you to sadie jane — i found her on — wait for it… — instagram (yes it’s my favorite right now).  sadie is a mama to two adorables and has a great story about finding more movement in her life and what that looks like.  she fell in love with crossfit a couple years ago and has created a free 6 week crossfit inspired program that requires very little equipment —

here are two of my favorites from her you tube channel – a great warm up or mini workout for everyone and a quick one for the mama’s on movements you can do with your kids.  enjoy!


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