31 days of small acts for positive mindset

towards the end of college i began struggling with anxiety/worry.  as i look back, it’s easy to see what triggered it – 6 various jobs, full load as i finished college, new job, illness and loss of grandparents, planning a wedding and getting married, student teaching, huge expectations for myself – lots of change. lots of stress.  i’ve spent a lot of time learning my triggers and how to manage them, changing behaviors and over the last year or two a lot of work on my mindset.  these days, all around me i see people struggling with the day to day, even those without strong tendencies or family history to anxiety or depression.  it seems like a never ending wave of one thing after another trying to beat us down.  i’m not sure how much we can blame it on our culture and the prevailing pie in the sky idea that everything should be smooth sailing… hardships are a foreign concept that should remain unknown or quickly fixed – but it definitely has had an influence on our mentality.  in addition to all of our own personal things, the news, and probably your facebook feed, is generally depressing, as are the majority of other media that fill our time also cause more disconnect than connection.

a few weeks ago, i came home and after two weeks of being incredibly busy and surrounded by people 24/7 — i had a little melt down once i stopped going — anyone else out there an introverted extrovert?  tired, some water damage in the house from a storm while we were gone (my ocd nightmare), the end of my week long cold, a few less than ideal conversations, a long to-do list, an over tired toddler, feeling overwhelmed and- finding i was missing the back corner of one of my molars (who loves the dentist as much as i don’t) – along with other randomness…   and while there are many worse things that could have been happening that was my list for the moment and still required me to work through it. I’m sure you could probably write a list of your own that you are currently dealing with too.  so, i spent some time reacting.  maybe a few hours of wallowing.

how do you get out of that space?  the wallow?  the worry?  the weary?

i’m going to spend the month of October sharing small ways that have helped me to change my mindset and find the joy when the going was rough – or maybe just a regular day.  many are ones that you have probably heard before – but i’m writing these down as a reminder to myself and maybe for you too.  enjoy!


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