31 days of small acts: get some zzz’s

in college, sleep was definitely overrated – in fact, maybe in high school too — all night movie watching, all night studying, all night out with friends, all night just because…no need to get more than a few hours of sleep.  then came motherhood and a newborn (or in our case a little one who woke up every 2-3 hours till she turned two) – that time of life during which you learn how little sleep you really need in order to survive — if we’d only known in college…

sometime during the in between of college and baby – i learned how much sleep my body really needs.  the recommendation says we should sleep 7-9 hours a night.  i can function on 7-8 but my ideal is 9 – it’s a golden number – and one that i don’t see very often any more.  one of the recurring themes of my facebook and instagram feed is the decision to enjoy a quiet house and time to yourself or go to sleep.  working, studying, socializing, media — the struggle is real.

i know we are definitely not covering any new concepts – but sometimes we just need reminded – i need reminded – every night when i want to have a marathon hulu or netflix session instead of climbing into bed – or in bed scrolling instagram for hours…  we need sleep.  more than just a few hours.  i am one of those special peeps who needs a lot of sleep — health and wellness, productivity and energy are all good reasons– but mostly, for myself, sleep is key for staying in a good mindset.  for others it could be key to your physical health or something different.  i know someone who says they will fall ill when they aren’t sleeping enough– every time — thank goodness this isn’t my husband or he couldn’t be a beekeeper!  when i lack zzz’s in my life it’s much harder to stay in a happy place – along with dealing with everyday life and things that trigger anxiety.  life with a  little one who didn’t sleep was not the easiest for me – or for anyone for that matter – it’s been 6 months since i’ve i started regularly sleeping a full, uninterrupted night and the difference is huge.  i still struggle with getting enough sleep because those quiet time hours are so tempting, but one step at a time — we are working on being more intentional with our evening schedule, and creating a bedtime routine (for the adults, not just the little one), along with faithfully turning on our essential oil diffuser a few minutes before we go to sleep and when charlotte sleeps (it runs for a few hours while we sleep), which has been a game changer — next is turning the bedroom into a tech free zone…but we aren’t quite there yet.

i encourage you to take a few minutes today and think about what sleep looks like in your life and how you would like it to look. what small act can you do for yourself to have more or better quality sleep? can you add 10-15 more minutes to your sleep time? turn off technology a little earlier? create a bedtime routine?  be more intentional with scheduling and honoring your sleep hours – waking up and going to sleep at the same time every day?   find one?   awesome!  now go and get some zzz’s tonight!


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