31 days of small acts: buzz like a bee – aka – move it

ya’ll – i was so very ready to write this post this morning – after i finished my workout – when my brain was still fresh and productive.  now it’s almost bedtime and writing almost hurts my brain… the good news is that what i want to write is something i’ve been working on a lot lately:

be kind to yourself and move your body.  every day.  

your body will thank you.  your brain will thank you.  you will thank you because you will feel better, look better, and do better (more productive/more energy).

as someone who has been on both sides – the exercise 6 days a week and the don’t exercise for 6 months 18 months — i have definitely felt the difference.  moving and exercise is not everyone’s hobby – and it can be hard to find the motivation and get in the swing of it.  but it is worth it.  

here are 10 of the things i’ve learned or been reminded of as i’ve gotten back into the move it move it: 

1. 5-10 minutes does make a difference. 5-10 minutes a few times a day is even better.  20+ minutes — golden.

2. find what you love. not what your friend or husband loves – what you love – because then you will want to do it. often.  and it will be fun.

3. what used to work may not be right for this season of your life —  i don’t want to talk about how long it took me to get past this one – during this time in my life, going to the gym like i used to isn’t what fits for right now.  what works now is something i can do at home and the occasional or once a week class or gym session.  

4. pick one thing or try a few – some enjoy doing the same everyday – i am very much in the category of what do i feel like doing today – or for a week – or a short term program – i’ve decided this is just fine so long as i actually pick something and do it rather than living in the valley of deciding what will be the most perfect plan and action. — this morning it was deciding that a jillian workout dvd sounded like a fun plan for the week – and the weather we are having.

5. be intentional and schedule it in — or if you are like me and have a hard time with the same time every day – pick a time frame – morning/afternoon/evening – that you can adjust depending on the day – this summer we have gone between mid morning and after nap workouts – this fall i’m going to try and make the jump to early morning…eek…  

6. if you need it, take a class, find an accountability partner, a workout buddy or a personal trainer – whatever works for you to get you going.  this last year i’ve had a walking buddy, a personal trainer and an accountability partner -at different times- this next year i’m not sure – a workout buddy if it’s the right fit would be great – but right now its all about me motivating myself and making it happen — good and bad.

7. an excuse is an excuse (and i have a lot of them and have used a lot of them) the reality is that if it’s a top priority then we make it happen – -this is a great time to find what your “why” is – health, smokin’ hot body, hobby…

8. grace over guilt – this is from my favorite Robin over at The Balanced Life Online — don’t beat yourself up. today didn’t happen like you planned – do 50 squats and make it happen tomorrow.  create positive memories and positive talk – i  love that even though i struggle with consistency – my daughter thinks exercise is a fun time – and she joins me!

9. try thinking movement versus excercise — some of us have negative connotations when we hear the words exercise and workout – “movement” is much more fun for me.  a body in motion stays in motion.

10. walking will always be my favorite.  i love it.  outside.  moving.  podcast or music or chatting with a friend.  oh so good for you.  go take a walk!

i still have more progress to make but love that these days its about moving because it makes me feel good – my mind and my body – it’s about staying mobile and teaching my daugther habits for a healthy, move it move it lifestyle so we can stay buzzing like the bees. 

**if you are looking for a few new exercise options – check out the Movement Monday blog post series (at the bottom of the homepage) for my favorite, fabulous, and mostly free workouts


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