31 days of small acts: eat a rainbow

chips (fritos in particular) are my nemesis.  i’ll just get that out of the way first. granola runs a close second.  there is not much moderation when those two are in the house – and that’s why there are small snack size bags — we could chat all day long about what we shouldn’t be eating – the list is long — but it’s much more fun and productive to focus on all the awesome things that help make our body bee whole.

you know them: 

whole foods.  vegetables and fruits. nuts and seeds.  grains and legumes. meat and dairy.  

— things that aren’t overly processed, full of additives, and things you can’t pronounce, and have enough salt and sugar and craZy oil to feed an army — 

side note: since we had charlotte, i’ve had to take a harder look at my food philosophy – jon and i are quite different – i’m a vegetarian (95% of the time these days) and he is not  – i love nuts and seeds and beans and he does not.  i was raised mostly vegan and he was raised on half and half —   my brain has consistently been searching for the one true and perfect diet – it wants a very black and white answer – but there isn’t one.  what i do know is that what resonates with me the most and what we are hoping to pass along to our daughter is – eat real food.  not too much.  mostly plants. (michael pollan).  short and sweet.  

last week i  read an article “the top lessons i learned from a year of productivity” — i had already made my list of blog post ideas for this write 31 day project and was happy to see that my top ones for small ways to be kind to yourself were in his top ones – because as the author says – “The three most effective ways to become more productive are also the most boring pieces of advice you’ve already received….These pieces of advice are repeated so often that they lose almost all of their meaning. But take it from me, as someone who has experimented with hundreds of techniques to better manage my time, energy, and attention over the last decade: nothing has made me more productive than eating well, getting enough sleep, and exercising.” 

Oh yes, we all want to be more productive – amen – and the great part is that all of these ways of being kind to ourselves benefit us in multiple ways. more productivity, healthier body, happier mindset, more energy and much more.

one of my favorite and fun reminders -of the very repeated phrases “eat well/eat clean” is to “eat a rainbow” — to look at what’s on the plate and make sure it’s not all the same color – brown fritos, brown granola – but a variety of colors- which means I am more than likely eating a variety of healthy foods (with the assumption it’s a fresh color and not red dye #40) — a big Yay and a small deed with big results for the day!

this morning charlotte and i grabbed out of our fridge and off the counter to take our rainbow pictures — i was super happy to see that i had lots of colors for this impromptu photo shoot –   we took our picture and then prepped a bunch of those items and ate them for lunch.  — and yes we love our bananas spotty brown!  — our favorite snacks are little tomatoes, snap peas and cucumber slices — and all. the. fruit… — charlotte did have to ask me what the eggplant was – we need to eat it more often…

be kind to yourself and add some color to your plate today — I add bonus points if it’s seasonal and local or organic. 

** if you like meal plans – the fresh20 – is my favorite – 20 fresh ingredients plus pantry staples for a week of dinners using seasonal and whole food ingredients.  last year they ran a great black friday special and i bought a.year subscription.  fun stuff.  check them out**


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