31 days of small acts: fancy water + 4 rituals

short and sweet hydrated today.

small act of kindness to yourself today — drink water!

clean, pure, amazing for you water.

(if you need convinced why this is good for you – google dehydration.)

start your day with a nice big glass to help wake up your body.  go to sleep with a glass of water (i read an article this summer that i wish i had saved so i could link and quote it – but my take away was that drinking a glass of water before bed can help lower the chances of a heart attack and other such issues…plus -hydration is a yes).  drink water throughout the day – especially mid- afternoon.

tips and tricks :

  1. carry a water bottle with you.  always.  (my bff has one permanently attached to her at all times.  she definitely does not suffer from dehydration).
  2. carry a water bottle with you that holds all the water you need for the day or at least most of it  – to keep track and also not have to worry about refilling and refilling again — i love my life factory water bottles but hate filling them up constantly – i mostly use them in the car as they fit in the cup holder.  Jon and I both have a 64oz Klean Kanteen, our favorite, which hold most of our water for the day.
  3. prefer drinking out of a glass – pre fill your glasses and drink up through out the day as you walk by — bonus points for setting your vitamins out too
  4. fancy it up – add slices of lemon, lime, cucumber, or berries – or a drop of essential oil to a glass or two – fresh mint or other herbs are nice if you have them – mix it up and get creative.  cold weather nights call for a hot mug of apple cider vinegar (just a little goes a long way) or fresh sliced ginger root + honey, or a cup of nice herbal tea before bed.

i’m getting thirsty now so i’m off to hydrate — leaving you with a great article i found in my feed today — these are so true for me — particularly the one on making a decision – enjoy!

a good read: A neuroscience researcher reveals 4 rituals that will make you a happier person


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