31 days of small acts: cultivating joy

today, i’m wrapping up this week of talking about specific deeds we do that are kind and loving to ourselves — next week we are on to small acts for our family

sometimes it’s just nice to take a minute and think about the things that make us happy.  how often do you celebrate you – your accomplishments and wins – large or tiny… or are you always on to the next thing?  have you seen that meme (is that what they are called?) or quote that says – “give people high fives just for getting out of bed, being a person is hard sometimes” –pinterest says its from Kid President — i love it.  we need more high fives and celebrations!

i’d like to introduce you to the Joy List.  I found it through Tiffany Peterson, a personal+success coach who i have done programs with this past year (and also have had a lot of personal growth wins because of).  –  below is a great video where she talks about what it is and how to use it that i encourage you to watch- Essentially, it’s a list of things that make you happy (15 that cost money and 15 that don’t cost) – fill your soul – and will “fuel your gratitude and joy”  — you can choose something off of it to celebrate your achievements, meeting goals, etc. or when you are feeling overwhelmed or down and need a boost — or maybe weekly just to celebrate you (self-care baby!) —

I’d like to invite you to make some time today and make one for yourself!  I don’t think it will take you long or be hard for you to come up with your list – but here are a few of my own and an article full of ideas :

article: 30 days of self-care: Your Guide

on my list:

  • take a walk on my favorite path
  • bake a batch of cupcakes
  • hot bath with a good book
  • fresh, clean sheets
  • flowers for the house
  • hot drink from a coffee shop and walk downtown
  • make a new essential oil roller bottle blend
  • buy a new magazine or book
  • pancakes




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