31 days of small acts – play the glad game

today is the first day i’m digging for the motivation to find the words and write.

however, in some ways that is great – because since i’m kind of in a slump – i’m looking at my idea list for a small act i can do to tilt the scales back to happy  —  

i was listening to a seminar last night and one speaker made the comment – “don’t be grumpy.”  — he has been through a lot of seasons in his life, one of which was being homeless–he has also done some traveling around world and witnessed a lot of things – one of which is the little ones in india – who were so happy — if they can be happy with so little he said there are probably very few reasons for me to ever be grumpy.  just don’t do it.  there is so much to be grateful for…

so today.  when i’m tired from not sleeping last night and have a mile long to-do list — runny noses all around — the temptation to be not so happy is here.  but those words from last night have been ringing loud and clear in my head along with – coincidence or not – the blog post i have scheduled on my calendar for today is on gratitude.   

the past few years, i’ve tried to be more intentional about a gratitude in my life – because it’s a good thing – and also to help bring more light.  this spring, my sweet friend gave me the cutest mint green journal for my birthday and a fabulous mint green pen — and i started writing down things i was grateful for before going to sleep.  it’s nice to look back on and it’s really nice to go to sleep on.  this summer, we have been working on making this a family practice.  teaching charlotte what “thank you” means and starting to help her connect with what it is to be grateful.  talking before bed about things that make us glad (have you watched Pollyanna lately?  we did several times this summer — let’s play the glad game 🙂 ) 

when you need some light or something positive (did you know our minds automatically default tothe negative cycle) to focus on or think about-or someone in your home does – take a minute to say out loud (to someone or the dog or into the air) or write down some things you are thankful for — i usually go for 5 — i’m trying to train my brain to make this it’s default reaction – or better ye, action. 

my afternoon 5: 

1. lottie is napping so i can type this post. and have a few minutes on the couch with a magazine

2. the weather is lovely – though a bit windy – and we can go walking this afternoon.

3. we shipped our last load of honey out this morning.  

4. baked squash for dinner

5.  a quick two minute phone call from a friend

bonus…wool socks. 


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