31 small acts: document

i’ve always loved pictures.  taking pictures.  looking at pictures.  creating with pictures.  my mom gave me a scrapbook for my 18th birthday and i’ve been documenting my life (in that form) ever since.  i’m not a super fancy scrapbooker.  just pictures and words and maybe some flair.

i love words. stories.  the first journal i can remember writing in was a tiny little hello kitty notebook in first or second grade. many journals and made up stories later –  i started my first blog, in 2006, – it was just pages really, that had pictures of our wedding and told the story of what we were up to that year.  in 2007, i decided to get on the blog train and i’ve been here ever since – some years more active than others.  i found that writing in the form of a blog post was fun and motivating way to get some of my stories, musings, and pictures “published”  – i can print them in a bound book or print them for my scrapbook, or leave them alone.  

there is something really amazing about telling our stories.  documenting our life.  even if it’s only for ourself- though I also document for family and friends to enjoy.  when you get those moments out in a physical form – the act and the finished product shifts your persepctive.  you can view your life through a bit of a different lens.

pictures show real life. I may differ with some in that i love the cropped and filtered photos as much as the full picture–the deep and wide, unfiltered snapshot allows you to see things as they are – and maybe notice stories and details – such as if i took a picture of my living room floor right now it would tell the story of this past week – how it’s the last room and the throw room right now, scrapbook supplies a mess, i haven’t been keeping up on the laundry, weights and tennis shoes kicked off after a workout, charlotte’s toys scattered, a fly swatter because we have been invaded, pick up sticks, library books, movie case, planners and packing totes…it tells the story that i’ve been doing other things besides cleaning and tidying this space – which is frustrating and looks a sight – one that will be cleaned tonight because i can’t stand it any longer and I also just crossed two projects that were in there off my list… the cropped and filtered version is this picture.  a snapshot taken in the middle of the mess – of lottie with my scrapbook project – a week in the life project (documenting a week in august) – that i have been working on this week (and finished!) —   she found the album and spent all kinds of time looking through it and telling me all about what and who she saw in the pictures.  it was beautiful.  

sometimes we need to be reminded of the good and happy things that are in our life that’s when looking at pictures of our favorite mug or delicious breakfast, a good book, favorite pair of shoes, toy of the week, dishes after a good meal,  a piece of nature, moment with a friend, or after workout selfie that reminds us that we did it (!) – — or maybe it’s intentionally taking a few minutes to document something right now to help remind you and get in that happier mindset.  i bet if you looked around right now, you could find at least one thing… even a stapler can be exciting — imagine life without a stapler — 

there are lots of ways to document – pick your favorite.  besides the ways above – i love instagram – so much! — a little journal or instax camera. there are lots of apps – some that i’ve used and enjoyed are Day One and Collect – also a big fan of  Project Life  – the method of scrapbooking i’ve done the past five years and they have an amazing app for memory keeping  on your phone (you can print it out for a physical scrapbook).  –for telling stories – i love Ali Edwards  – i followed her for many years and currently participate in her One Little Word, Week in the Life, and December daily projects (all on her website if you want to check them out).


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