31 small acts: make that bed

today’s little deed is one that i have struggled with for my entire life.  i don’t really like making my bed.  in fact, it was easier for me to create the habit of emptying the dishwasher in the morning  – if you don’t do this already you should – or maybe this post should really be about starting the day with an empty dishwasher — it’s a close call – but the bed wins because — when you make your bed in the morning it looks pretty, and the room looks nicer, and you are less likely to throw a pile of who knows what on it (…but really we know the real reason to make your bed is so that you don’t crawl back in it until bedtime..).  if everyone makes their bed, the house is that much nicer and that much more ready to start the day – as are the people in it.  


small deed. 

kind and loving to yourself and your household.

make that bed.  

….oh wait — you probably already do this — i forget that it’s only me who took thirty some years to learn this!  

If you haven’t already- take a minute and Enter the GiveAWaY!


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