31 small acts: throw it in the pot

— the crock pot that is —

ya’ll – this post was not on my list.  but it was a small part of my day that made me smile and fed our family – win win — so i decided to share it.

we are getting ready to close up shop and house for the season – so i’ve been trying to eat everything out of the fridge and freezer and pantry — so we don’t have to take it home (or as much of it).  it’s been a great exercise in use what you have, don’t go to the store, and that may not be exactly what you want to eat right now – but it’s what you have available and need to eat…and that’s a whole other blog post.

back to this morning and the squash sitting on my counter.  the past few days i’ve had awesome intentions of dicing it up and roasting it in the oven.  delicious plan that hasn’t happened.  with the ever ready questions of “what should we eat” and a giant to-do list for the day (that included packing up the pantry), i spotted my crockpot sitting on the counter — 30 seconds later — a butternut squash (whole)  and two sweet potatoes were on their way to being our lunch… their sweet, fall aroma filled the house for a couple hours along with a quick batch of granola i tossed in the oven (free to use because the squash was cooking in the crockpot) — while i checked things off of my to-do list.  fast forward to lunch time and a piping hot sweet potato to eat with my fried eggs (8 minute lunch).

who knew that crockpot= happy mindset + fast (slow) food   — i’m sure they’ve done an ad campaign on this…

fall and winter are perfect for the crockpot (so is summer when you don’t want to heat up the kitchen) — i have a very large crockpot that fits most whole squashes, multiple sweet potatoes, yams, or regular potatoes, — beets, turnips and parsnips, soups and chilis, breakfast cereals…  endless list.  if you don’t have one yet – put it on your wish list – one big enough to fit a spaghetti squash.  game.  changer.


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