31 days of small acts: hit replay

there are lots of things i love about traveling and spending most of my summers in montana.  something that i do not love so much is packing.  unpacking not a problem.  packing.  not so much.  there is something daunting at times about having to pack up one place and move it to the other.  maybe also the change and transition from one thing to another can bring all the feelings.  

when the overwhelm hits, the best thing to do is take action.  the even better thing is to take action while watching/listening to your favorite movie (or while taking a break from taking action if you aren’t on a time crunch).  i have favorite feel good movies and i bet you do too.  this afternoon, while charlotte was napping, or trying to, i popped in an oldie and laughed my way through finishing a project.  it was a good distraction and good medicine to smile.  

now that is over and i’m typing this post — taking action — and then will start the next two projects.  

and in case you are wondering, probably my  top movie pick is “because i said so”  — i’ve watched so many times i’ve lost count — i still can’t quote it — not one of those people, but i love it very much and it always puts me in a happy place — with a craving for cake…

what’s your favorite?


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