31 small acts – the dinner table

sit at it.  

such a small thing, but huge pay off.  

i’m completely preaching this one to myself.  eating at the table can be quite — hard.  the couch is much more comfortable.  eating while cleaning the kitchen and picking up is the frequent go to.  

this one has been on my goal list this year.  i wish i could say i’ve tackled it, but i can say that i am making  progress.  we do well when it’s the three of us, but it’s much harder for me to stay in the routine when i’m the only adult in the house.  i’m much more prone to eat on the run.

i do believe that sitting down with the people you live with (or on your own as an intentional eating time) and sharing a meal is one of the most powerful, life changing, kind and loving habits we can have.  tonight, charlotte asked me to sit next to her at dinner – tears rolled when i sat across from her, obviously not the same thing… no phone, no t.v.  just the two of us.  we talked about the day and what her favorite food on her plate was – all of them — we had haystacks — the post tonight was almost – eat haystacks. the end. —   it was great time together.   when we left the table we had filled our bellies and our love cups.  

eat at the table. eat haystacks.  eat haystacks at the table.  complete awesomeness.


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