31 days of small acts: hang it up

in my kitchen, i have a blank wall over my workspace.  i had some favorite scripture art prints from my shereadstruth study packs and a few other loved goal prints that i decided to hang up.  it took all of a few minutes and some washi tape.  every time i looked over at it, it made me happy.  and motivated.  and grateful.

do you a something that encourages you (and your housemates, if you have them) at eye level?  a favorite piece of art, words written on a post-it note attached to the bathroom mirror, a full out vision board, pictures that bring you joy covering the entire front of your fridge…

take something, or make something (print it off or create it) and hang it up in a sweet spot.  a place where when your eye catches it– it will bring you and all those who see it JoY!


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