31 days of small acts: get grounded

you know when you’ve spent four consecutive nights in four different beds in almost four different states that it’s time to take a breath.  add on not being able to find something and thinking you may be losing your mind.  and maybe a junk food haze brought on by a pan of really delicious brownies and cheetos “bag o’ bones” —

let’s get outta that funk…  this would be the phrase on repeat in my head this afternoon.  extra hard when you are tired and have a tired, non napping toddler on top of it…it may have taken awhile, however, the switch did flip.

there were four small things in a row that helped me get back to the good side of the afternoon (besides getting up and off of the couch):

— a really lovely gingerberry kombucha

— beginning a task that needed to be done

— trying to take a selfie in my #write31days tank top — where is our selfie stick?!? #needalongerarm

— laying on the lawn

when was the last time your skin connected to the earth for more than 30 seconds? for me, this can be awhile.  i used to go barefoot all the time – summer, winter, spring, and fall — then i found out i was allergic to bees and dislike the process that occurs after stepping on a bee… now i wear shoes outside 99% of the time…as to the rest, i just forget.  forget what it feels like to just lay on the grass.  sit on the ground.  stand in a fresh pile of dirt.

it feels really wonderful.

in fact, it’s so wonderful that its a it’s a thing — you can google it — i think it’s called earthing/grounding and there is a whole bunch of thoughts about energy and body physiology.  cool stuff.  if you want to spend some money you can buy a product that makes a similar connection indoors: a mat or yoga mat, or sheets, or shoes, or bags… or you can go the free route and go outside…

small, kind and loving deed for the day — get outside and connect with the earth — go it alone or bring a buddy and get grounded.


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