31 days of small acts: open the door

a quick thought tonight before i fall into bed…

i like things to be picked up around the house and there is a good chance i’m generally still in my yoga pants and sleep top half the day because i’m trying to do thirty things before i get in the shower – or have this grand idea of exercising before showering—- it seems the unexpected company somehow always knows to show up at the least opportune time… and of course, i’m always trying to get done the things i need to get done.  right?

that being said.  i really love the idea of an old fashioned open door policy.  i long for the days when a drop by was greeted with a smile, a glass of iced tea and a chat rather than a look of why didn’t you call, don’t you know i don’t have time for this, etc … when i was in college in australia, i remember a conversation with a friend who had lived in the US for awhile and how she said one difference was over there, when most people said “oh yes, come on by anytime”  — they didn’t really want you to or think you would — versus the genuine “come on over any time”  and really mean it…i’m not saying everyone is like this, but the habit of the kitchen table or front porch visit is not the same norm.

pajamas and messy floor aside – connecting with people is the sweet stuff of life and something i’d like to do more of with people in my life.  so, one more small way — bring some old school hospitality back.  bring back the friendly drop-by (in a way that works for you and your home) — invite your people to stop in and say hello —  i promise they will only come when you are in your bathrobe, yelling at the dog with stuff scattered everywhere — but… after the initial shock of a potentially unexpected guest on your doorstep — the joys of a quick visit will far out weigh the negatives and shine light so bright for all.


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