31 days of small acts: gab with the grey haired

ok.  i’m not sure what to title this post, but i know i didn’t want it to say senior, elderly, old  — at the same time – my husband is grey haired and has been for years — i gab with him on a daily basis but that’s not the point i’m writing about today — however, i think you get my drift…

there are so many beautiful stories and golden nuggets we can get from talking with someone who’s been on this earth longer than we have — take time to talk to your grandma or grandpa, or others in your life.  chat with the person in line with you at the grocery store or post office (chat with your checker and your friendly postal worker too while you are at it).  take time to smile and say hello.  visit a nursing home (i almost didn’t write this one because i haven’t done it for a long time – but it’s a good one),  spend time with your parents and mentors.  take them soup.  carry their groceries.  offer to run an errand.  call them on the phone or send a card, a picture, a gift card to the grocery store, or a seasonal surprise package.  sit and listen.  ask questions.  just be present.

i have an repeating reminder on my calendar for connecting with my grandma – be it calling her on the phone or spending time in person.  it’s great.  i love her dearly, but i need that reminder and that scheduled spot on my calendar – intentional time.

i’ll leave you with my current favorite grandma nugget — this summer as i was driving in the car with my grandma, she exclaimed “oh sierra, what happened to your pants?”  — i looked down at my ripped jeans with holes all down the front and told her that i had bought them that way — “it’s the style now, grandma” —  to which she replied ” well that doesn’t mean you have to follow it!”  — golden nugget + some good thoughts from a generation who know matter how little money they had, dressed their best and took care of it.

wishing you a lovely weekend with some good gabbing in it 🙂


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