31 days of small acts: share some soup

when i had charlotte, a sweet friend set up a meal sharing schedule and some really wonderful people fed us for the first two weeks.  it was amazing.

in the fall and winter, we eat a lot of soup.  it’s one of the easiest things to make too much of — i found that i could feed us a meal, freeze a meal, and give away a meal when i made a giant pot of soup.  it always works out that there is someone that meal needs to go to — my grandma, a friend under the weather, a family with a new baby in the house, the neighbor, our amazing, hard working employees.  lots of people who appreciate home cooked food that doesn’t require the effort and the clean up.

consider doubling up your recipe next time you are in the kitchen and sharing — some extra granola, freezer waffles, soup, or a pan of enchiladas — a kind deed that will yield happy tummies and happy hearts.  (bonus points for including the recipe!)


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