31 days of small acts: help a mama out

when we were deciding to have a baby, i never really thought about how much time i’d be spending with my little sweetie while jon worked.  i also didn’t realize that even though i love kids, have always worked with kids…that having one of my own 24/7 would be such an adjustment for me.  having both grandma’s within minutes was a requirement and a game changer.  we are lucky to have them to watch charlotte, along with other family, and haven’t had to look too far for childcare.  not everyone has that same built in support.

most mama’s of little ones are in the _________ (pick your own word).  so todays small act idea is to help a mama out — offer to watch her kids for an hour or two – or swap childcare – put together a busy box – or just give a pack of stickers – she can pull out when she desperately needs 5 minutes (or standing in line at the grocery store).  send soup or snacks.  call or send happy mail.  tell her she’s doing a good job.

i’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas for helping a mama out — there are so many!


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