31 days of small acts: chat it up

ever since grade school, i can remember talking on the phone.  to my best friend — after she came home from school – when she was supposed to be doing chores and homework and whatever else besides gabbing it up with me about the days events.  it was all kinds of fun.  in highschool, it was all about summer time talks one the phone with my boyfriend, the beekeeper — off far and away for honey season… who else spent time on the phone just to be “connected”? –not even talking — thank goodness for unlimited long distance calling.  sometime in college, texting came to be — it kind of took over and these days a lot of my communication is now texting — something about the lack of a loud toddler in the background…

still, I love the phone.  i love to hear the voice of my friend or family member — also how much can be said in a few minute conversation versus an all day type fest — both have their place. the phone+voice are hard to replace – unless we are conversing in person.  

earlier this month,  i read an article that talked about the happiness talking to others (hearing their voice) brings us.  yay!  today, i’m reminding myself that the phone still does exist as a great form of communication.  the world will not come to an end or strike you down if you call someone in the evening or one your way to work, or even — on the weekend…  the worst that will happen is that they will screen your call – which is the new norm — and the best thing that could happen is that you will have an awesome, short or long, conversation that will hopefully fill you with endorphins and leave you with a great mindset and a full soul.

try it.  pick up the phone and chat it up!


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