31 days of small acts: chain mail

we’ve chatted talking on the phone and sending happy snail mail —  leaving us with one of my favorites and the current trend of texting and sending emails.

we spend about half of the year living away from our community and most of our close friends and extended family.  those relationships don’t just take care of themselves – though family is stuck with you and most of our friendships are long enough that they kind of are too — still.  they need nurtured.  loved.  connected.   

here are two of my favorite instant ways to send the love and have a “converstation”:

1. text blitz — a few minutes here and there are enough to send out a few quick text messages- checking in and catching up – to those near and far.  it’s amazing what a quick little ” i’m thinking of you” text does to brighten the day.

2. group email chains (or text messages)   — i have highschool+college girlfriends – scattered near and far – who i have ongoing group text/email messages.  some of us are more active than others, but everyone gets the messages.  it’s a great way to share pictures, funny stories, and plan events…  it helps us to have one more source of connection that closese the distance  a bit.  

i can’t believe this month and the 31days project is almost over — just a few more days to enter the giVeAwaY!  head on over for your chance to win a cute t-shirt!


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