31 days of small acts: surprise package co.

when i was little, and still today, one of my favorite vintage stories to read was about a brother and sister who started “the surprise package company” — they would go around leaving little paper wrapped packages on peoples doorsteps and then run and hide to watch as they were found and opened.  it was a great tale of how the little things made a bright spot in someone’s day.  no need to be expensive — one of my favorite gifts has been a jar of homemade almond milk and a bag of granola fresh from my friends kitchen.

send a little surprise to someone, or drop it on their doorstep… or flowers, or a fun subscription to a magazine or monthly club they would never get for themselves — or balloons — who does not love getting a giant balloon??  a few chocolates and sweet note, homemade drink or cookie mix, a set or notecards, a few candles, a playlist or mixed tape cd, something you made, a small seasonal or regional item, a book, or an item you’ve been wanting to pass along to share or round robin..  

the list goes on… share your ideas in the comments and have a lovely weekend!


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