31 days of small acts: that’s a wrap

i made it!

31 days of writing about small things that help shine the light in the darkness –  little deeds of love and kindness for yourself, those in your home, in your community, and far away.  

if you would like to browse + read: you can find them all here

i chose this topic because i wanted to remind myself that i have an arsenal of acts to choose from when i’m feeling down or just want to share some love.  writing and reading these posts has been a great way to   help shift my mindset into a more positive place.

i chose this project because i love to write – i have since i was a little girl – and it’s something i’ve let go over the past few years.  writing is big magic (who has read this amazing book?  review to come) for me – it fills my soul and brings me joy — it’s something i share on the chance that it will bring others some joy too.  

i chose this project for several reasons besides being part of an awesome project and community of writers– one was because i wanted to finish it.  last year, i  began and made it 20ish days before i decided i needed to stop.  this year, though i knew it was going to be tough – i really wanted to create two things – a consistent habit of daily writing — and a list of post around a quote that inspired me.  it’s been rough going some days – and i did miss 3 days – but overall, i am jumping for joy that i completed this project – maybe not perfectly – but done – through packing and moving, transitions and craziness, traveling and vacation… i have made time in my day to write.  i have worked on creating a more positive mindset and being more intentional with my thoughts and actions.  i’m calling it a win!

thank you for following along – for the comments and support!  i plan to continue writing – thought not on an everyday basis -but definitley more regularly than the past few years.  

cheers to a new month!   now go and share some light!   

(And maybe eat some ice cream like I did tonight– there is always something to celebrate- especially finished projects) 


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