hello hello+giveaway winner


we have been taking a break — having a some down time.  it’s been much needed and almost all wonderfu–l and if your little one is going to be sick – you may as well have a nice view to enjoy…

i have been missing writing but the break from the internet and posting is a good one.  the creative ideas are flowing though and i’m ready to jump back in soon.

in the in between — resting, reflecting, renewing.  just being present with my family.

one of the tag lines that is all over the islands is “Live Aloha” — it’s the little motto i decided i wanted to bring back with me from our vacation – the feeling of relaxation, a little extra self-care, letting go, being present in the moment, unplugging, slowing down — way down… thinking about how i felt during our time away – why that was – and what i can do to create more that in my daily life and seeing how that intention goes this next month — the busy holiday one…

thanks for all love and participation for the 31days series + giveaway!  Rafflecopter chose our winner: Jenny!  Look for an email from me so i can get that sweet t-shirt sent out to you.  i’m excited for more giveaways this next month – stay tuned :0)


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