img_077 (1)my mission: 

to live life fully + without fear, building relationships, pursuing + promoting whole health, nurturing creativity + learning, bringing joy to others, and worshiping my creator every day

hello + welcome!

my name is sierra.  i’m married to jon, the beekeeper – mama to charlotte, the little bee – and puppy mom to lulu, our bull terrier.  we live where our bees reside, following them wherever they may go – washington state, most of the time – montana, during the summer – and a bit of california in the winter.  i’ve always loved to write – handwritten “books” in fourth grade, countless journals through high school and college, and blogging over the past several years.  mostly, i write for myself – to document our family and all the little everyday stuff that i wouldn’t get down without the instant gratification of the “publish” button…  i also write for others – just one person who finds joy or connection from my words is enough.

i have a bachelor’s degree in elementary education.  i’m a dabbler with commitment issues — i want to do and be almost everything.  i love to learn.  reading a book cover to cover is at the top of my happy list.  An almost equally divided introvert/extrovert.  i love grammar and diagramming sentences but you’d never know it from how i write on the internet.  i’m an idea generator – while i can follow through, i’ve learned to take the time to mull it all over and make sure i love it enough to see it through to completion.  i scrapbook and take pictures.  i love reading cookbooks almost as much as i love eating chocolate — 80% dark and delicious only, please.  i love to travel – most vacations end up being road trips – apparently, as we spend a significant amount of our work time driving – it’s also our first choice activity for vacation – ?!? –

my favorite topics are almost always health and wellness.  clean eating… a clean eating, vegetarian cookbook (you won’t see me til i’ve read it cover to cover)… yoga, all different kinds of exercise, green-ing the home and natural healing can all have me breaking out in a happy dance.  currently, i’m immersing myself in all things essential oils.  they are amazing+powerful —  i’m so excited to be learning and sharing with others about all their benefits.

i love the Lord, and i love children.  i’ve spent most of my life caring for kids in one way or another – the latest – my day job, and night job – and all day joy – taking care of and teaching my little girl.


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