the essential hive

my story: In the winter of 2014, I was re-introduced to essential oils.  Growing up, we had used tea tree and lavender oils, but I had all but forgotten about them until having a baby.  My first year as a mom threw me for a loop in many ways, including worrying about how to keep my daughter well.  Always a lover of natural health and healing, I was quite hesitant (obsessive) about what products to use on my little girl.  I saw a lot of moms discussing essential oils on the message boards I followed.  Interested, I began researching and looking for a company to try.  In the spring, my sister-in-law came to visit and brought her new favorite things – essential oils.  She had attended a class hosted by her friend and since, had been using oils regularly with great results –many weekend afternoons were spent “oiling” the family up and trying various products.  After more research and discussion (i’m just that kind of girl) – I was amazed at all I had learned about these power house oils, completely hooked and excited to learn more I bought some and began using them immediately.  i’ve enjoyed using my oils, learning about them, and sharing them with others immensely –  I believe everyone should have essential oils in their home and know how to use them — contact me if you’d like to learn more!


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